AZAR KHORTOUM Production Group (PJS) was established in 1372 and came into operation in 1373 in Tabriz industrial city. AZAR KHORTOUM product was launched with just on product and special vacuum flexible pipe production was headed. AZAR KHORTOUM factory operated in area of 6 thousand square meters in the Tabriz industrial city with separate product halls and now has over 25 employees and an exploitation license. AZAR KHORTOUM during many years of effort and hard work has added to the diversity of its products, so that now has 100 types of products in groupings of washing machine, vacuum, and industrial products. Now the firm is known group Productive and trustful in marketing materials of home appliances and industrial hose.
We always know yourself successful; because always have a studied strategy and the principle for providing the highest level of service in our market. Factors related to company, coordinately are analyzing and managing information’s of business marketing and commerce of green products so eith depending on output of this, company could provide an accurate and correct view of commerce business marketing situation.
Since the values of AZAR KHORTOUM been realized with accountability and participation of all employees, Management of Company provides policy to employees and by providing essential instructions ensures its understanding through him. Also financial resources and other requirements for performing this policy be available through superior management.

We believe that we implant during the AZAR KHORTOUM company's activities by implementing appropriate standards of sustainable development that promote environmental protection and we planned the achievement for this important environmental policy. We are committed to considering environmental issues when planning and carrying out our activities and also we know the encouragement of environmental awareness amongst employees, suppliers and the general public from our priorities. We are committed to regard environmental laws governing our activities. We work hard to prevent the pollution of our environmental business, and reduce of it as far as possible.

Product Showcase

Quality, beauty, diversity and innovation

AZAR KHORTOUM from beginning of its product in fields of hose pipe and plastic materials to maintain lasting relationships with clients, always place 4 important and effective principles on top of planning .