The company along with gain the entire consent of its customers beside the routine and mass production of the factory taking specific order of the clients, so that providing request for a specific product through customer, this company can design and product desired product relying on its knowledge of experts and equipment of company.

Specialized and conventional PVC Granular (clear, plastic rubber, with traits of, refractory and electrical insulation, resistant to chemical and petroleum solvents)

- Different flexible metal and plastic hose pipe applications on (boards construction, power plants, refineries, steel industry, military industry, petrochemical, marine, aerospace, industrial machinery and , ...)

- Fireproof plastic hosepipe

- Plastic hosepipe with rubber properties.

- Heli flexes pipes and springy hose pipe

- Corrugated hosepipes

- Heli Flex pipes for Food and concrete industry

- Arming hoses and pipes with a variety of fireproof tissues

- Hydraulic hoses

- PVC Plastic coated on varieties of shielded (cord weaved) and metal hose pipe and...

- Wicker weaved or cord weaved (shielded) on all pipe, hosepipe and …by using galvanized cords, stainless steel, copper

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